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Download it all at once

Every felt annoyed while surfing a page with loads of images like image search in Google and had to manually select each and every image to save it to your PC. Well freeware developers are again at your rescue and have something in store for this also....
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Defend your privacy

How often have you been listening to such words Spyware, Adware, Malware .Well they are nothing but evil side of programming and software development. People put faith in a developer and download their apps but some don’t seem to understand the trust...
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Click it to clean it

Are you an Android power user and use clean master to clean all RAM and wished that you could even use it for your PC? Well the wish has come through and you can now do the same thing on your firefox browser too minus the great UI of clean master. How...
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Tips for photographing children

Children are as restless and energetic as possible! Admittedly it does take a lot (of bribes and chocolates) to get them sitting still for a photo shoot. But the main aspect of photographing children is to capture their energy and happiness, without any...
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