We provide Clipping Path Service, Background Removal & Photo Retouching Services for Photographers, Ecommerce Companies, Jewelers, Wedding Photographers, Fashion Brands & Sports Companies.

Photo Editing

Looking for photo manipulation Color adjustment, rotate, crop, resize, frame, image clone etc. We can help you !

Prepress Services

We offer comprehensive one stop service for graphic design & image prepress. Prepress services at it’s best.

Masking Service

Photoshop image masking service for feather, hair or fur. Creative photo masking for simple and complex images.

Outsource to India

Get a free trial for any kind of photo editing requirement. Fast turn around time and low pricing.

Contact us for Clipping Path India, Image Retouching, Model Retouching and Background Removal Service. Affordable Pricing and Fast Turnaround.

Image Retouching

In this high tech digital era, it has become very easy to transform pictures from a camera to your computer. Opting quality photos are a need of everyone today, as snapshots play an important role for individual and also to business firms. To advertise your products and services, it is essential  to display high quality images so that it gains the maximum attention of the masses. Pixel Creations offers the best image retouching services at an affordable cost.

Cutting Images

Are you looking out for finest cutting images services who will remove unwanted background of your images? In order to exhibit your pictures in a professional manner, it is essential to remove their background. Pixel Creation caters you with the best and excellent cutting images solutions at an economical price. Experts here deliver high quality of image cut out work. They knock-out the unwanted background of an image without loosing its originality. Best results guaranteed

Model Retouching

If you are aspiring to become a model and you want your portfolio to be professional and impressive to present, then it is important to opt for specialized model retouching services. At Pixel Creation, the experts understand the uniqueness of model and fashion photographs. The services include color correction, red eye removal, to reduce acne’s, cut marks, age line wrinkles, skin smoothing and many more. This will make your image look better and stunning.

Image Editing

Every business firms require images for various reasons like for marketing campaigns, brochures, business cards, catalogs etc. Taking this into consideration,  Pixel Creations, provides excellent quality image editing services. The company has a professional team of experts who assure you to provide superiority images to meet your demands & requirements. Opting for this service will help businesses flourish like never before.

Background Removal

Having problem with an image background? Many times you get an excellent click, but you want to erase the background to make an image look more catchy. Removing background from an image is a very changeling task to perform. Then all you need to do is opt Pixel Creation, as the company offers excellent quality of image background removal services to increase its artistic value. The professionals remove the entire background or some parts of the picture as per the demands.

Photoshop Layer Masking

Pixel Creation offer top-level photoshop layer masking services at affordable cost. It is very important and useful service as you can improve the quality of an image in many ways. These include color correction, adjustment of contrast, brightness sharpness, removal of background colors and shadows, creating transparency, save the original image for the last usage and much more. It’s make your image look smoother than original one.

Clipping Path India

In today’s competitive world, managing a business has become a daunting task. It is essential that,  images that you display on your website or in your brochures must neat, clear and appealing to catch the customers attention. Hiring Pixel Creation, for the clipping path service can be useful. The professionals here use this technique to alter an image so that it can be easily placed on a new background. Order a free demo to experience our services.

Wedding Photo Editing

Many people today invest huge amounts in wedding photography as to preserve the memorable moments of the wedding day. So, it is important to hire the professional wedding photo editing services to keep your memories alive. Opting high quality wedding photo editing service from Pixel Creation will benefit you in many ways. The company offers advanced and customize post production services which will make your wedding pictures look bright, colorful, lively and undying.

Ecommerce Product Resizing

It is important for Ecommerce business websites to display quality images of their product and services on their websites. Customers will automatically get attracted towards a website if right product images are shown to them. A product image must be clear, informative, and relevant both in term of size and dimensions. Pixel Creation offers the best Ecommerce product resizing services to all kinds of Ecommerce businesses. Order a free trial now.

Recently Completed projects for our amazing clients based in USA, UK, Europe, India, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands & Switzerland.

  • Real Estate Retouch

    Real Estate Retouch

    Photo Retouching

  • Jewellery Clipping Path Service

    Jewellery Clipping Path Service

    Clipping Path

  • Jewellery Clipping Path

    Jewellery Clipping Path

    Clipping Path

  • Portrait Retouching and Cleaning

    Portrait Retouching and Cleaning

    Portrait Retouching

  • Model Retouching and Cleaning

    Model Retouching and Cleaning

    Model Retouching

  • Olympic Retouching and Cleaning

    Olympic Retouching and Cleaning

    Photo Retouching

  • Undergarment Retouching and Cleaning

    Undergarment Retouching and Cleaning

    Garment Retouching

  • Brassiere Image Retouching

    Brassiere Image Retouching

    Garment Retouching

  • Lingerie Image Retouching

    Lingerie Image Retouching

    Undergarment Retouching

  • Sandal Image Retouching and Clipping Path

    Sandal Image Retouching and Clipping Path

    Footwear Retouching

  • Bikini Retouching and Enhancement

    Bikini Retouching and Enhancement

    Undergarment Retouching

  • Product Clipping and Retouching

    Product Clipping and Retouching

    Clipping Path

  • Toy Aeroplane Clipping and Retouching

    Toy Aeroplane Clipping and Retouching

    Clipping Path

  • Wedding Gown Retouching

    Wedding Gown Retouching

    Garment Retouching

  • Building Retouching

    Building Retouching

    Real Estate Retouching

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We Specialize in Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing & Background Removal for E-commerce Products.

Mannequin Photo Editing

We offer Ghost Invisible Mannequin Photo Editing services for fashion products. We provide solutions for Tshirts, Shirts, Tops and all types of western dresses.

Invisible Ghost Mannequin

Our Invisible mannequin services are used by top fashion photographers, eCommerce companies, fashion houses, jewelers, clothing companies, photo studios and catalog companies.

Total Image Editing Solution

We also provide cutting, cleaning, cropping, resizing, color correction, color adjustment and clipping path solution all under one roof. Email us your requirement and get a response within 24 hours.

Ghost mannequin photography
Ghost Mannequin Retouching
  • I am really pleased with the service offered by Pixel Creation. They have edited pictures in a very professional way. All my family photos have become old and few of them were damaged. But after hiring their photo restoration service, all images are being restored amazing. I am very much happy with their work. Great job!

  • Thanks for the offering best service and speedy delivery of the work. All the photo edits were completed done as per my demands and needs.

  • Hiring Pixel Creation to edit my wedding photos turned out to be my best decision. The professional editors have edited my wedding pictures by adding special effects to them. Now they look more lively than before. Thanks Pixel Creation for wonderful job!.

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    Tips for photographing children

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    Tips for covering Weddings & Wedding Photo Retouching

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